On  28/03/2022 Quick Fingers Luc himself closed his YT channel because of his personal decisions

however if you contact me directly on telegram I can send you link to google drive with all videos


Crypto Base Scanner (QFL) by Altrady (built in altrady trading platform)


QFL – Crypto Base Scanner signal statistics

March 2021 – https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/b378e445-117b-4c49-a67b-024a35f4cc8b

February 2021 – https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/0c878ced-5395-4a33-976f-7251bf08ab3c

January 2021 – https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/b26219b3-561b-48f2-9092-ceec7eafd88a

December 2020 – https://datastudio.google.com/u/0/reporting/e003abf3-209f-4311-8c9d-ac4bebad52d0

November 2020 – https://datastudio.google.com/u/0/reporting/116801df-836b-4ec3-a665-c8c50fe93073/page/wn29

October 2020 – https://datastudio.google.com/u/0/reporting/97dd8b00-5d39-491b-963e-74aaa63e8245

September 2020 – https://datastudio.google.com/u/0/reporting/ffbee584-77a6-479b-8ffd-6bf337c3e810


Hodloo https://qft.hodloo.com

Crypto market scanner https://t.me/c/1142276559/73603


Tensor Charts by CW https://youtu.be/dR6ydlec32c



In your DCA bot settings and in Deal start condition section click on the dropdown and select QFL

Then in the second dropdown you can choose which signal algorithm you like to use.

To help you decide you can check detailed QFL signal statistics from Altrady or also called CBS who is QFL signal provider for 3commas platform.

In the third cell you need to specify the percentage drop you like to get signal.

More about QFL signals described by 3commas https://help.3commas.io/en/articles/3108941-what-s-qfl