The bot won’t open a new deal until the coin has more volume for the last 24 hours than entered here. Specified in BTC for all pairs

Here you can filter out shitcoins by limiting bot to open deals with lower daily volume than specified limit

To find out 24h volume you need to check each exchange and calculate this in BTC – for example on Binance you can check this list

and recalculate it to BTC as the value in the 24h column is specified in BUSD

open any trading view chart

1. select your pair
2. select “15m”
3. add indicator search for “Backtesting 3commas DCA bot v2”

4. click on settings
5. adjust all the settings as per what you would like to use in 3commas
6. make sure you see “Sanity Checks OK ” on the most recent candle of your chart. if not adjust as per what the red text box indicates

example of a “sanity check” failing: if you use an incorrect stop loss:



and you would get the same warning in 3c

As sad news appeared on our dashboards today 10-02-2021

As of June 1st, 2021, will be suspending operations.
Please withdraw your funds at your soonest convenience and prior to this date.

I have created this article to help you to migrate to non custodial version of which is which unfortunately isn’t free like was.

These are the available plans


1st you will need to create new and ideally new account if you don’t have one.

Once you have both accounts registered you can start moving funds and bots to your new platforms.

When moving funds from straight to you can use Binance chain (BSC) which will transfer funds fast and cheap (still not free) as it is kind of Binance internal transfer.

When sending crypto from to it is worth to use BUSD as it is only coin which will be sent completely for free however sending BNB and any other coins is normally charged 0.80$ for any amount so if you happy with that there is probably no point to do any converting at all as you would have to pay trading fees anyway.

Keep BNB as a last coin to send over to Binance as you can get rid of all dust coins by converting it to BNB and completely clear whole account. needs to be then connected to your exchange in this case through API.

List of all exchanges available to connect is here

Here is the official 3commas tutorial on how to connect Binance through API to 3commas


How to copy DCA Bot from to 3commas

Click the Bot name from anywhere in the platform and click “Share” button

Copy the link and you are ready to share it

Bot can be then copied to 3commas

You only need to replace domain name web in the web URL like this example

Bot for 3c.echange

Same Bot for 3commas

Once you change URL same bot will appear on your and you can click copy, double check the settings (sometimes copy function fail to copy all values in first go) if it failed to copy all details try to click refresh button in your browser or try again.

Get free month 3commas PRO+Paper account you need to register and also new Binance account using this 3commas referral link and connect both accounts through API


Web based cryptocurrency automated bot trading platform

List of all supported Features: 3commas Available Exchanges and Supported Features





If you would like to run more bots on one account you will need to split funds some way.

Ideally this can be done when there is no active deals so all coins are available in the DCA bot assistant.

In this example I like to run 3 DCA bots when I like to use third of my funds for each.

Easiest way I have found is to open each bot settings in separate window and make sure the “% of available balance to be used by the bot” is up to 33.00

If you like to run just 2 bots you will need to set this up to 50 or in case you going to run 4 bots this will be 25 and so on.

 The funds for bots and safety orders can be also shared between them but this has to be carefully calculated depending on many different values, pairs and signals used.